Q: How Big is the Booth?

A: The booth is 8x8x8 feet. It's like a triangle. 


Q: How many prints do we get?

A: As many as you want. Our Photo Booths come standard with a reprint button. 


Q: How soon do you arrive to events:

A: We arrive 1.5hrs before the event. 


Q: How long does it take to set up?

A: It takes about 1hr to set up properly in ideal situations. 


Q: Do you set up on grass

A: We have before but its really not ideal, a nice flat surface is preferred. 


Q: Is there a deposit?

A: Yes its $100 sent online. 


Q: When is the remaining balance due?

A: The balance is due 24hrs. before the event via credit card for personal events. 


Q: How can I access these photos?

A: Online via our online gallery or Facebook page. 


Q: Do you need a table?

A: No, but a small drink table nearby works for some events. 


Q: How big are your backdrops?

A: 8x8ft. 


Q: What's the max amount of people that fit in the photo booth?

A: 12 On average